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Technical support
Tank container parts


As a part of the tank container industry, you know that modifications to tank containers are a recurring event. Modifications give the possibility to change cargo and to load with the same tank container. Besides, modifications of tank containers to optimize safety are a high priority within the industry. When modifications are made, you need all relevant parts at hand quickly and according to the latest safety requirements. That way, you can keep your tank containers moving at all times. This is where Pelican Worldwide can help you! 

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Types of modifications

Pelican Worldwide is your expert in tank container modifications. We are familiar with:

  • GOVR / GLO Modifications
    Tip: Read more about this type of modification in this case.
  • ISOPA modifications
  • Bottom – Top Discharge modifications and vice versa
  • Handrail modifications
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ISO tank containers
Pelican Worldwide - Tank Container Parts

One-stop-shop Solution

A one-stop-shop solution saves you time and effort, by standardizing several complicated modifications. Moreover, you always know the specs of your tank container after the modification is completed. Spare parts can easily be ordered due to registered components. Pelican Worldwide is your expert in tank container modifications. We know all about the parts and specifications you need for the different types of modifications.  

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