With our global network of factories and warehouses, we are where the action is. Besides our state-of-the-art manufacturing sites in Wuxi (China) and Houston (USA), we have sales offices and warehouses in Dubai (UAE), Istanbul (Turkey), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and Singapore. Read more about these locations below!

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Our office in Heinenoord is our main sales location for the Tank Container market in EMEA. You can contact our Dutch colleagues for customer service, questions for sales and technical support. The Netherlands is also a warehousing location and hosts our engineering and Research & Development departments. From Rotterdam, we supply all of Europe.

Contact our Dutch office

+31 (0)186 65 62 30

Due to public or bank holidays, our Dutch office is closed in 2024 on the following weekdays: 01 January | 01 April | 09, 10 and 20 May | 25, 26 and 27 December

Pelican Worldwide - Heinenoord

Wuxi, China

The Pelican office in Wuxi, China is our main manufacturing site. This production facility manufactures Pelican Valves and fittings. We also create all of our spare parts in Wuxi. This location further houses sales, warehousing, and local R&D. Watch the video on the left to learn more about the work of our colleagues in Wuxi!

Contact our Chinese office

+86 5106 69 38 88

Due to public or bank holidays, our Chinese office is closed in 2023 on 01 and 22 January | 08 March | 01 – 05 May | 01  June | 01 August| 02 – 08 October

Houston, Texas, USA

Houston is our USA office, focused on the US market. They are involved in the supply of both tank container and tank trailer parts. More information about Tank Trailers can be found on pelicanww.usThe Houston office also manufactures packings for global distribution. Moreover, Houston houses sales, warehousing, and local R&D.  

Contact our US office

+1 – 713 862 5557

Due to public or bank holidays, our US office is closed in 2023 on 01, 02 and 16 January | 20 February | 29 May | 19 June | 04 July | 04 September | 09 October | 10, 23 and 24 November | 25 December

Pelican Worldwide - Singapore

Singapore – Singapore

In Singapore, the Pelican Worldwide office consists of sales and warehousing. A local supply, focused on the Asian – Pacific market (excluding China). This way, your products are delivered to you fast and efficiently. Our Singapore office also gives technical support to the Asian – Pacific market.

Contact our Singapore office

+65 – 91 28 89 16

Due to public or bank holidays, our Singapore office is closed in 2023 on 01, 02, 22, 23, and 24 January | 07 and 22 April | 01 May | 02 and 29 June | 09 August | 12 and 13 November | 25 December

Istanbul – Turkey

Our Pelican office in Istanbul, Turkey is our local warehouse and sales location. This way, customers located in or around Turkey can contact a local representative. Benefits are that you can speak in a local language and discuss local prices. Even more beneficial is the direct availability of valves and spare parts from local stock.

Contact our Turkish office

+90 2164 94 04 10

Due to public or bank holidays, our Turkish office is closed in 2022 on 01 January | 20 – 23 April | 01 and 19 May | 27 – 30 June | 01 and 15 July | 30 August | 29 October

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Pelican Worldwide - Istanbul, Turkey
Pelican Worldwide - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Our sales and warehouse location in Sharjah facilitates clients in the region. This partner location manages product stock and distribute products to the local market. This approach provides direct availability of valves and spare parts from local stock.

Contact our Sharjah office

+971 4 578 6911

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