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At Pelican Worldwide, we do not sit and wait for things to happen. Over the years, we have worked hard to find ourselves in situations and places that yield our customers’ best results. With our global network of manufacturing sites and warehouses, strategically located in Wuxi (China), Houston (USA), St Petersburg (Russia), Istanbul (Turkey), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and Singapore, we are where the action is. Being the world’s premier manufacturer of tank container and tank trailer parts – for tank trailer parts visit us at -, we set the industry standard for availability, speed, customer care, and aftersales support. We are part of the solution.

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We are thoroughly familiar with the market’s ever-changing demands and technical requirements. Because of our decades-long experience in the liquid and dry bulk industry, we understand your needs. No matter if you are active in the manufacturing (OEM), maintenance, operations, or leasing of tank containers and tank trailer equipment, we know how to adapt to your circumstances. We understand the relevance of time. With our factories and warehouses worldwide and in-house manufacturing of gaskets and stainless steel parts, we quickly provide you with high-quality products wherever you need them.

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Pelican Worldwide listens to its customer’s needs and recognizes the need for excellence and safety in the market. We do not only offer parts; we deliver solutions on time worldwide. Our customer service and sales support teams are always ready to assist you. We love to enable your business with any question or challenge. Want to get to know us? We are proud to be a dynamic organization passionate about innovation and maintaining a flawless supply chain worldwide. We are here to help you anytime, anywhere.

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