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Pelican Worldwide delivers the best quality parts and technical solutions for the liquid and dry bulk industry. We understand the ever-changing environment of your business. Timing and quality are essential. Whether you’re an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), depot, operator, leasing company, or distributor, we deliver the best quality parts and technical solutions to you on time. Our customer service and sales support team are ready to assist you anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are active as an OEM, operator, or lessee of tank container or tank trailer equipment, we provide you with your needed parts and standardized solutions.

Pelican Worldwide is your expert in tank container modifications. A one-stop-shop solution saves you time and effort, by standardizing complicated modifications.

Looking for a re-design of parts or tailor-made solutions? Our team of experienced engineers listens to you and turns your need into a practical solution.

Did anything happen on the way where your tank container parts broke? Our technical experts can help you with all repair work of your equipment.

We understand that optimal utilization of your assets is vital. We offer 24/7 support around the globe and are strategically located to deliver your parts fast.