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Pelican offers a complete range of ancillaries. This ancillary selector helps you to select the right part suitable for your application within a few clicks. If the requested part cannot be found or is not available, please contact our sales or engineering department.

Ancillaries product variations

Bursting Disc

Bursting Discs delivered by Pelican meet the strictest requirements in terms of durability, reliability, safety and sustainability. A wide range of specifications and sizes is available and an opening tolerance of 0% on the bursting discs is guaranteed.


Your goods are safe with the high quality cladding Pelican can provide you such as GRP, aluminium cladding & stainless steel cladding band. Standard colours & sizes can be delivered from stock. All special customer requirements are on request.


Pelican stocks all types of fittings and accessories in aluminium, 316 stainless steel, brass, iron and polypropylene.


A large selection of standard decals, used in our industry are stocked in our worldwide warehouses. Custom made solutions are available upon request.


Pelican’s threaded caps are available in either BSP or NPT (NPSH) and can be delivered in a variety of materials including polypropylene, stainless steel and aluminium. To offer you the most flexible solutions, Pelican also stocks adapter fittings for thread conversion & reducing.


Pelican offers a large assortment of different types of pressure & temperature gauges. Including liquid filled, dry, different connection types, stainless steel, brass, tell-tale, analog or digital gauges.

Remote Control

To ensure the safety of your co-workers, Pelican designed a wide variety of ground operated remote controls to safely open your equipment.

Test Equipment

With a wide variety of test equipment, Pelican is offering the best solution to make your test and control procedure accurate & efficient. Our testing devices deliver results in minutes and are easy to carry and operate.


To ensure a safe working environment on top of your vessel, Pelican delivers a range of high quality aluminium and GRP walkways, available in different sizes.

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