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Our philosophy: never out of stock

At Pelican, we understand that timing is vital. Due to our decades-long experience in the liquid and dry bulk industry, we are thoroughly familiar with the market’s ever-changing demands and technical requirements. An essential part of our strategy is the “never out of stock” principle that applies to our most commonly used products. We ensure that we deliver the parts quickly so you can keep your tank containers and tank trailers moving at all times. Also, we continuously innovate our products to the latest technology and features in the market.

No matter if you are active in the manufacturing (OEM), maintenance, operations, or leasing of tank containers and tank trailer equipment, we know how to adapt to your circumstances. With our global network of manufacturing sites and warehouses, strategically located in Wuxi (China), Houston (USA), St Petersburg (Russia), Istanbul (Turkey), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and Singapore, we quickly provide you with high-quality products wherever you need them.

Pelican is a wholly-owned private company, with its headquarters in Rotterdam. It is our mission to serve your business with high-quality products and excellent customer care. We aim to help our customers achieve better efficiency by delivering our high-quality products fast. Want to know more about our specific products or services? Please contact us.