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TREND ALERT: A focus on specifics

By August 24, 2022September 21st, 2022No Comments

At Pelican we monitor trends and developments. Through benchmarking, we stay up to date on the data that points to changes in decision-making.

A new trend has been discovered! Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but we do notice a shift in the market that is worth writing about and adding to the Knowledge Center on our Pelican website.

There is a shift to more product-specific equipment and tank container solutions as a preference over standard equipment for all tank containers. The demand for customized parts and products is increasing as more and more clients request tailor-made solutions.

The reason for this trend is that through simple customization of ancillary parts, tank container fleets become more suitable for a wider variety of applications. For instance, by customizing flanges using different pitch measurements and intermediate coupling, the tank container can become relevant for many more uses. This increases the applicability of not only the ancillary part but also the tank container, resulting in a smart way to increase the efficiency of your supply chain.

The tank container industry is becoming one of customization, innovation, and specialization. This shift requires expertise in engineering as well as informed planning prior to implementation. Pelican is ready for this development. We are your technical knowledge partner with the information you need for specific solutions. Our smart innovations, re-design of parts, and engineering on demand provide the solutions for every technical question to keep your fleets flexible in modern, specialized markets.

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