Safety and Health

We are 100% committed to the health of our employees, customers, communities and the planet on which we live.

In order to be a responsible and ethical global company, we relentlessly adhere to the following six principles:

1. To be fully compliant with relevant (local) laws, regulations and other requirements to which our company is subject.
2. To require every employee, and those who work on our behalf, to take personal responsibility in preventing harm to themselves, others and the environment and to enable them to contribute to every aspect of safety, security, health and environmental protection.
3. To provide appropriate levels of safety, security, health & environmental training and information to all employees.
4. To follow up on standards of Responsible Care and Reach programs launched by CEFIC in Europe and associated organisations around the world like ITCO, EPCA and ECTA.
5. To continuously focus on sustainability for of all of our business operations and activities, hence eliminating waste streams and lower Co2 emissions.
6. To monitor the application of this safety, security, health and environmental policy.